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One ink fits all?

At Mexar we believe that each ink formulation should be optimised for each particular OEM partner / printer.

We work alongside OEM partners to deliver the optimum ink formulation for their specific printer.

This partnership ensures that the highest quality ink / printer combination is achieved.

We have found that “one ink does not fit all!”

Independent Ink Manufacturer

Mexar Ltd is an independent ink manufacturer specialising in water based inkjet technologies. In addition to manufacturing its own product ranges, Mexar have in house facilities to carry out research and development into projects for clients around the world.

Mexar is at present concentrating on water based inkjet inks for textile printing as well as UV curable inks for rigid media, however if you have a specific requirement or projects in these fields or indeed in others that you would like to investigate with us, please feel free to contact us.

The team at Mexar Ltd have a number of years experience within the colour science field in both the development of products through to the sales and marketing of novel ink technologies.

Mexar are more than just an ink manufacturer. We are a development service to our OEM partners, providing expert advice on creating the optimum printer/ink combination.