Rub fastness of TEX1 gets higher

At Mexar, we are constantly striving to achieve more from our inks. Recently, after strenuous testing, we have included some new chemistry into the Mexar Tex1 Pigment inks which achieve even higher rub fastness values than before.

Mexar Tex1 Inks are water based pigment inks for direct to fabric applications. We include textile binders in the inks which adhere to the substrate to create decorated fabrics with in built fastness properties. By including some novel ink chemistry into the new formulations, we can achieve excellent rub fastness on natural fibres such as cotton (or blends). High rub fastness has always been the hardest thing to achieve with pigment textile inks - this new development in the inks has produced results which we are extremely happy with.

In combination to the ink chemistry, we have developed some pre-treatment chemistry to work in combination which can even achieve rub fastness levels of 4/5 or 5!

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